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United Nations Depository Library Programme

About the Programme

Since 1947, the Dag Hammarskjöld Library has arranged for the distribution of United Nations documents and publications to users around the world through a network of depository libraries.  

At present, there are 350 depository libraries located in 135 countries and 1 territory; They include national, parliamentary, public, and university libraries, as well as libraries at research institutes and think tanks.

In order to be designated a depository, libraries must commit to: 

  • Place the material received in the care of qualified library staff;
  • Keep the material received in good order at their institutions;
  • Make the material received accessible to the general public, free of charge, at reasonable hours; and
  • Make the material received available through interlibrary loan, document delivery, photocopying or other means to users who cannot easily visit the depositories concerned.

Collections of print material at depository libraries vary depending on the date they joined the network and the type of deposit.  Depository libraries provide expert reference and research assistance and can facilitate the discovery of UN information via traditional and electronic research tools.

UN Depository Libraries Around the World

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List and map showing UN Depository Libraries Activities around the world