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Training Resources for Depository Libraries

The training resources offered here are designed to help librarians and researchers develop a better understanding of UN documents and publications, offer a “roadmap” for navigating this complex system of documentation, and offer tips and tools for conducting research. 

  United Nations Depository Library Programme

This recorded webinar provides an overview of the United Nations Depository Library Programme. 

It was delivered by Ramona Kohrs, Coordinator for Outreach and Professional Development, as part of the "Help! I Am an Accidental Government Information Librarian" series organized by the North Carolina Library Association's Government Resources Section. 

  UN Documentation

This recorded webinar covers the types of documentation the UN produces, how the documentation system is structured, as well as research tools and tips.  
This presentation was delivered by Susan Goard, Legal Librarian and Training Coordinator, as part of the "Help! I Am an Accidental Government Information Librarian" series organized by the North Carolina Library Association's Government Resources Section. For more information, we recommend our research guide “UN Documentation: Overview

  United Nations Digital Library

Video tutorial about selected features of the United Nations Digital Library

A dedicated research guide offers an overview of the content, scope, search options and personalization features of the UN Digital Library. 

For more detailed information and search tips please consult the Help manual on the UN Digital Library site – click on the “Help” tab on this landing page:

It is possible for registered users to export data records from the UN Digital Library for personal research purposes. For more information, please consult our FAQ and research guide about data export.

In addition, Ask DAG FAQs offer step-by-step instructions on how to set up alerts and how to embed the Digital Library search box.

  Additional Training Resources 


The Dag Hammarskjöld Library has created a series of research guides about UN documentation. 
The research guides focus on the documentation of specific UN bodies, including the General Assembly, the Security Council, the Economic and Social Council, the Trusteeship Council, the International Court of Justice, and the Secretariat.  
Other research guides cover the documentation in selected popular subject areas. Topics include development, disarmament, environment, human rights, international law, peacekeeping and the UN budget.  
Most research guides are available in English only, but selected key research guides are also available in the other five official languages of the United Nations – Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian and Spanish.  
Please use the links below to access the research guides in the language(s) of your choice:  
•  Arabic: 
•  Chinese:  
•  English:  
•  French:  
•  Russian: 
•  Spanish:


Other external training information available:

•  Researching the United Nations Documents (A GlobaLex article by Janet Kearney and Lucie Olejnikova) - This article aims to aid researchers in deciding where to begin researching the UN documents, and it describes the most common entry points.

Disclaimer: This site contains links and references to third-party databases, web sites, books and articles. It does not imply the endorsement of the content by the United Nations.