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Our Collections

Our Digital Collections

The Dag Hammarskjöld Library is building its digital collections.

High quality subscription databases such as The Economic Intelligence Unit, OECD iLibrary, and Hein Online offer access to thousands of intelligence reports, e-journals, articles and e-books on many topics of interest to delegates and staff.

The Digital Library, currently under development, provides access to and safeguards many digital items that form the UN's institutional memory. The Digital Library includes UN documents, key UN publications series, and landmark collections, such as the Index to Proceedings (ITPs), and Oral History interviews.

Our Print Collections

The Woodrow Wilson Collection is a unique source of information about the League of Nations and international relations during the League's existence. A gift of the Woodrow Wilson Foundation in 1950, it comprises about 8,600 volumes of League documents and 6,500 related books and pamphlets.

The UN System Collection is a comprehensive collection of documents and publications published by the main UN bodies, their subsidiaries, and affiliated funds and programmes; it also comprises selected documents and publications published by the United Nations specialized agencies.

The External Collection represents the Library's commitment to collect materials that relate to the scope of the work of the United Nations. It includes an extensive collection of books, pamphlets, and periodicals written on the United Nations, legal affairs and international law, diplomacy and international relations, economic and social affairs.

The Library has a notable collection of more than 80,000 maps, as well as atlases, gazetteers, and other geographic reference works.