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Information for Depository Libraries

The United Nations Depository Libraries Programme is coordinated by the Dag Hammarskjöld Library (DHL) at UN Headquarters in New York.  Background information and selected resources that depository libraries may find helpful in managing their deposit collections can be found on this page.  Please do not hesitate to contact us should you require any assistance or support.

Policy documents

The UN Depository Libraries Programme is governed by policies issued by the United Nations Publications Board.  The Board approves the designation of new depository libraries and withdrawals from the network upon recommendation by DHL.

New Strategic Direction for the UN Depository Libraries Programme

Over the spring and summer of 2014, DHL held a consultation with the community of depository libraries to determine a new strategic direction for the programme.  The consultation paper, an executive summary of the feedback received from depository libraries, as well as updates are available here.

Depository Library Surveys

DHL conducts periodic surveys to monitor depository libraries’ compliance with the principles of the programme, as well as to determine trends and identify areas where depository libraries may need additional support.  The most recent survey was conducted in 2012.

Support for Outreach and Promotional Activities

Depository libraries are encouraged to promote their UN collections and related services.  DHL provides limited support to such outreach and promotional activities.  Depository libraries may wish to align such activities with the UN’s priorities and major themes of the current year.